8th Baltic Congress of Radioology

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to the 8th Baltic Congress of Radiology + The ESHNR 34th Annual Meeting and Refresher Course 2022 from 06.-08. October 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The BCR + ESHNR 2022 is bringing together radiology professionals and students not just from the three Baltic States and European countries, but from around the world. The joint Congress is significant because it allows to introduce the latest scientific achievements, share knowledge learned through practice, and establish contacts with colleagues from different countries. The official Congress language is English.

With this, I would also like to welcome you to our capital, Tallinn, which is rich in history, culture, and surrounded by marvelous nature. The capital city was given township rights in 1248, and despite its turbulent history, it boasts one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe (UNESCO World Heritage Site), as well as exemplary architecture from different periods. Often named as the Silicon Valley of Europe, Tallinn is a unique combination of a smart city, with its hundreds of start-ups and technological centres, and Estonian culture, which can be seen everywhere in the form of cuisine, handicraft and music. The city is engulfed nature in all directions – the sea to the North, and numerous national parks, forests and other sites to explore in the East, South and West. I can promise you that you will be surrounded by Tallinn’s unique flair everywhere you go.
Picture of Congress President Martin Reim

The BCR + ESHNR 2022 will be held at Kultuurikatel (Creative Hub), an old power plant turned into a venue with unforgettable design, just within walking distance from the city centre. The joint event highlights head and neck radiology and covers all main topics of radiology. 8th Baltic Congress of Radiology is organised by the Estonian Society of Radiology (ESR) in collaboration with the Estonian Society of Radiology Technicians, Estonian Society of Nuclear Medicine together with Latvian and Lithuanian societies and with the support of the European School of Radiology (ESOR). ESHNR 2022 is organised by European Society of Head and Neck Radiology.


Martin Reim
President of the 8th Baltic Congress of Radiology
President of Estonian Society of Radiology


Riste Saat
President of the ESHNR 34th Annual Meeting and Refresher Course

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